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VIDEO: Evan Dobos Interviewed by MetroHartford Alliance

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Julie Daly Meehan, the Executive Director of MetroHartford Alliance. The interview includes a walkthrough of how CivicLift actually works, and what plans we have for the future.

Evan Dobos recently sat down with the MetroHartford Alliance to check in on the progress of CivicLift since winning the 2014 HYPE Entrepreneurship Award.

Some of the highlights include:

:10 – A full overview of CivicLift’s capabilities including an overview of it’s five modules – the events calendar, community projects crowd-funder, city explorer, the photo/video media section and the Latest & Greatest Community blog.

4:28 – The plans for CivicLift over the coming months

5:50 – How winning the HYPE Entrepreneurship award has helped in the progress of launching CivicLift

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Evan Dobos

Evan Dobos

I started CivicLift because the communities I love – and the reasons why I love them – were impossible to discover online. Since my background is in web design and digital marketing, it bothered me to think about the missed visibility for the local businesses and events. After launching a few prototypes and witnessing the impact, CivicLift stole my heart and my team and I grew the idea into full scale software.