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CivicLift Wins "Quality of Life" Challenge. We're Going to Madrid!

We are thrilled to announce that Madrid Smart Lab chose CivicLift as a winner for their “Quality of Life” challenge. We’re flying out January 11th!

After a two-stage global competition, CivicLift has been identified as a winning solution for the challenge to "Improve the Quality of Life and Access to Information" for a community in Madrid, Spain. Needless to say, we are very excited for the opportunity to serve a foreign community.

While deploying for Madrid, we are going to put the CivicLift concept through the ringer. After all, CivicLift is meant to take the shape of the community it is built for, so launching it in a country that none of our founders or employees have experienced is a great way to test that notion.

The Community Adoption Campaign

At the same time, we will be testing a program we have been designing that we refer to as a Community Adoption Campaign (CAC). Our goal is for the CAC to be a duplicatable way to introduce the CivicLift platform to encourage it's utilization by all members of the community. In true CivicLift fashion, we would be employing local resources and options to conduct it, furthering our ability to make a social impact on the local community.

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Evan Dobos

Evan Dobos

I started CivicLift because the communities I love – and the reasons why I love them – were impossible to discover online. Since my background is in web design and digital marketing, it bothered me to think about the missed visibility for the local businesses and events. After launching a few prototypes and witnessing the impact, CivicLift stole my heart and my team and I grew the idea into full scale software.