Evan Dobos
by Evan Dobos in News Press

CTstartup.com Interviews Founder Evan Dobos

The CTstartup podcast is yet another amazing resource brought to us by David Menard @ Murtha Cullina. Listen to our interview, Episode #2!

I must have won some sort of lottery when it comes to legal representation. How many startups can say that their lawyer loves what he does so much that he founded a podcast about startups? All of David Menard's clients, I suppose.

If you are at all involved in the Hartford startup scene, chances are you have met David. His firm, Murtha Cullina, offers a great legal package for startups that includes services that would traditionally cost multitudes more. The idea is that if they support startups at the ground level, they may grow into companies that will retain their services in the future. CivicLift signed up, and we can't say enough about it. We feel very well supported by David's expertise and all of the resources that come with Murtha Cullina.

If that wasn't enough, he launched a podcast called CTstartup, and we were asked to participate in an episode. I was happy to be a part of it. The more an entrepreneur learns about the experience others are having, the better prepared they are for the tumultuous undertaking that is launching a startup.

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Evan Dobos

Evan Dobos

I started CivicLift because the communities I love – and the reasons why I love them – were impossible to discover online. Since my background is in web design and digital marketing, it bothered me to think about the missed visibility for the local businesses and events. After launching a few prototypes and witnessing the impact, CivicLift stole my heart and my team and I grew the idea into full scale software.