CivicLift wins Community Impact Award

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(HARTFORD, CT) Evan Dobos, Founder of Torrington-based startup CivicLift, was named the 2014 winner of the Community Impact Award at this year’s reSET Social Enterprise Challenge Awards Ceremony in Hartford.

CivicLift is a social enterprise that has created a tool for stimulating community-driven economic development. Dobos’ firm competed against 73 social entrepreneurs and was recognized not only for it’s innovative characteristics, but for the business’ viability and potential for creating social impact.

“As a concept, CivicLift works because of the intense desire people have to connect with their community,” said Dobos. “As a business, it works because it’s directly based on partnership and sustainability. Anyone who participates, benefits. It can improve communities, create jobs and effectively generate both purpose and profit.”

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At its core, CivicLift is a web-based software that provides solutions for municipalities and community groups to encourage civic engagement and neighborhood connectivity. The self-sustaining platform generates profits for the specific community for which it is developed.

Torrington, Ct – CivicLift’s hometown – was the prototype for Dobos’ new venture. The city’s new website, has provided Torrington-based companies, non profits, organizations and individuals wit the opportunity to call attention to the various events and projects taking place throughout the city. After the success Torrington has had, other municipalities are eagerly getting in line to see if CivicLift can make a difference in their communities.

“The exciting thing for us has been watching how people have wanted to make CivicLift their own,” said Dobos. “The power of the concept isn’t just in its core capabilities, but in it’s ability to grow and fit within the given community it resides in.”

The award caps off a very successful first year for CivicLift – who was also honored earlier this year as the winner of the 2014 HYPE Entrepreneurship Award in the Pre-Launch category and was recognized at the 2014 Business Champion’s Breakfast in June. The Social Enterprise Trust, reSET, is a nonprofit organization based in Hartford that promotes social enterprise as a viable concept and a business reality.