“America’s fastest growing tech conference”, Collision, Features CivicLift

Forbes Magazine called Collision “America’s fastest growing tech conference” and the event will see over 25,000 attendees from 120 countries. Featuring attendees like former Vice President Al Gore, CEO’s from Oracle, Vimeo and Tinder, Presidents from Microsoft, Lyft, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and celebrities from the world of music and film, Collision is one of the premier tech conferences in the country.

So what’s CivicLift doing there?

As an innovative startup with a singular focus on enhancing citizen attachment to their hometown, CivicLift will be a “featured startup” at Collision. Founder Evan Dobos will be proudly exhibiting CivicLift’s ability to grow community attachment through a blend of citizen generated content and technology. Additionally, he’ll be sure to absorb as much as he can from the myriad of major tech companies attending like Facebook, Amazon and Adobe.

When you want to attend a town event, how do you find one? Your town hall’s website? The library calendar? The social media feed of your favorite local business? The point is, the information is out there, but it’s coming from a million different sources across a dozen different mediums. Often, these sources are competing, fracturing the message and leaving users confused and frustrated.  

That’s what sets CivicLift apart. It provides streamlined, curated and relevant information directly to the citizenry. By taking these sources and aggregating and moderating them, CivicLift draws eyes directly to the events happening in your town, fostering 360 degrees of community engagement and economic development.