Congresswoman Esty Visits CivicLift for Start-Up Day Across America

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty came to our studio in celebration of Start-Up Day Across America.

"Start-Up Day Across America connects elected officials with the start-ups in the communities they represent so that they can learn about the challenges new companies face and meet the business leaders building the future."

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We are thrilled she chose CivicLift as a start-up worth highlighting. We spent an hour pitching ourselves, demonstrating our platform, and discussing our current challenges. Naturally, the capital requirements we have to further develop our software was an area of focus.

CivicLift is currently deployed in three communities within her district, so I was very excited to tell her about the value CivicLift already has within the towns she represents. I needed to show her that our success isn't just important to us, it is important to the communities we are helping today, and the communities we have yet to begin helping.

As nice as it was to have my Congresswoman sitting at my conference table, I was most pleased by her level of engagement. She made sure that she gained a full understanding of what CivicLift is about and was very receptive to our needs. She asked questions, took notes, and made herself a to-do list of resources to connect us to.

We are eager to continue our conversation, needless to say, and expect this relationship and her involvement to be beneficial to our process.