CivicLift is like the MLS for Community Events, Places, Stories, and More.

Would your project benefit from a stream of community content? Choose the topics you want and the communities you want them from and sit back while CivicLift provides it in real-time on an ongoing basis.

We call it Community Content as a Service, or CCaaS.

It’s exciting to see the many ways in which community content is used, and we are still seeing new ones. Here are a few examples of how CCaaS has been leveraged by different industries.



Employee Recruitment Service for Companies

While considering to work for your company, some candidates may also be thinking about moving to take the job, maybe even with their families.

CivicLift can compliment your recruitment materials by showcasing the nearby communities, what the lifestyle is like for those who live in them, and the high quality of life they can expect for themselves and their families should they choose to work for you.

Use Case

Tourism Initiatives

Events and destinations is essential content for tourism outlets. Whether it be for a website, a local app, or printed collateral like brochures and maps, CivicLift can automate the hard part: collecting this content in real-time and distributing it through your existing outlets.

Sign up for a live, direct feed of the things to do and experiences to have in within your communities.

Use Case

Student Recruitment for Colleges & Universities

As a college or university, a major segment of your demographic is young kids planning to move out of their parents house for the first time in their lives. While they are thinking hard about their future, they also care about the fun, freedom, and social experiences they are expecting to have throughout their college years.

In addition to the bright future your school will provide to them, highlight student social life, the things to do, and the experiences to have both on campus and within the nearby communities.


Real Estate Agency Website

A major consideration of buying a home is what the communities around it are like. While browsing the homes for sale on your site, why not show the things to do and places to go as part of the listing?

Featuring the nearby events, culture, food, and shopping destinations around each listing will give potential buyers a peek into the community they are considering to buy a house in. Proactively addressing those concerns and setting positive expectations will go a long way in their consideration to buy.

Use Case

Online News Sites

Lessen the load for your operations by automating your “Things to Do” section. Select the communities you care about, topics you want to feature, and we will build a custom feed for your site that will populate with events in real time.

Use Case

Hotels & Hospitality

Thanks to travel sites like Expedia and Airbnb, the expectations of the hospitality shopper have drastically changed. Delight visitors by showing them the nearby experiences, events, and destinations to explore during their stay.

Stream local content to digital kiosks on the street, TVs in hotel lobbies, guest rooms, and even a weekly printed brochure guests receive at check-in.


The Possibilities are Limitless

CivicLift is flexible and able to fulfill many different client objectives. To get a full sense of our capabilities, let’s talk about your project specifically and see how we can fit in.