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Staying informed shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt.

Each of the local businesses in your town market themselves differently, forcing residents to comb through dozens of websites just to stay in the know. Since no one actually has time to do that, events and experiences - that would have otherwise been enjoyed - end up slipping through the cracks. It hurts local business and it sends the wrong message.



An open community calendar where both visitors and residents can explore what’s happening on any given date, as well as submit and share events of their own.


A business / place-of-interest directory that allows users to interactively explore your community. Find where to grab a coffee, a good accountant, or even a hiking trail.


Communities are formed around the stories that are told about it. Highlight the people, businesses, and resources and get the good news in the spotlight, finally!

Guides Public Beta

How about a Happy Hour Guide, a Historic Site Tour, or a Family Adventure Guide? Help people discover what makes your town unique with curated community Guides.

✨ Add-Ons

Every community is unique, so we regularly extend our capabilities based on the specific needs each may have. Here are a few "off-menu" features we've already implemented:

A leading website manager so that you can add, edit, and manage your own pages.

Show the specials and deals from in and around your community that are featured on Groupon.

Need a specific integration? Contact us to discuss your goals.


CivicLift is flexible and able to fulfill many different client objectives. To get a full sense of our capabilities, let’s talk about your project specifically and see how we can fit in.