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When people love where they live, they create a community of social and economic prosperity.

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Better connections make better communities.

Imagine a single resource that speaks to everything good your community has to offer. Every upcoming event, every place to go, and every exciting announcement. Now, imagine that resource powered by the people who actually live and work there. This is CivicLift.

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Don’t just launch another website, invest in a civic engagement infrastructure.

Most likely, your community already has various websites, social pages, lists, and outlets so building yet another isn’t going to do much good. Instead, build a foundation for these assets so they can be leveraged and improved upon.

Our team is now on your team.

You’ll never hear us say, "Here it is, good luck!". The day we finish delivering our solution is the same day we begin working with you on community adoption. Outreach, marketing, awareness, collaborations; let’s brainstorm together, leverage your hometown knowledge, and combine it with our own success processes.