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Build a community known for happy residents, inspired visitors, and thriving businesses. A place of social activity, economic vitality, and opportunity.

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Put a stop to missed opportunities

With all the moving parts that make up a community, it's easy for activities to come and go and slip through the cracks. Put a stop to these missed opportunities so that culture and community can thrive.

Those within your community can...

  • find the things to do and experiences to have
  • discover the places to go and businesses to support
  • strengthen the connection residents have to where they live
  • highlight to visitors what there is to enjoy
  • inspire businesses to open shop in your community

    We harness the main drivers of community and culture.

    Strengthening community connections has meaningful economic and social benefits. Sign up now to power your initiatives - automatically and ongoing.


    Automatically collect events happening throughout your community and through user submissions.


    Updated businesses and places-of-interest to create maps, tours, and guides to destinations.


    Gather each of the successes, developments, and bits of good news to share with residents and visitors.


    Automatically collect and promote nearby job openings to help residents find jobs and businesses find employees.

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    Staying connected shouldn't be a scavenger hunt.

    We can't expect people scour dozens of websites, social media pages, and newsletters to keep themselves up to date on their own community.
    Instead, sign up for CivicLift's Community Hub to create a single source that makes it easier for people to find and embrace their local options.

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    Bring the community together

    Leverage your existing community to ensure residents and visitors are aware of what there is to enjoy locally.

    Give local businesses an advantage

    Local businesses enjoy free promotion and widespread exposure with little to zero effort on their part.

    Attract new businesses

    With a marketing and community outreach tool such as Community Hub in place, new businesses will know they can hit the ground running if they were to open shop in your town.

    Assure quality

    You are given full control over what shows up on your site. However, our team can also help you manage the pipeline of content to make sure it always remains in your best interest.

    A future of more

    Community Hub is continuously managed, monitored, and improved upon. Not only that, but we will work with you on any of your outside-the-box ideas.

    Power all your engagement, tourism, and economic initiatives...and more!

    Power countless types of projects with our flexible filtering tools which can be tailored and configured per project.

    The keys to sustainability

    CivicLift's Community Hub ensures your local culture is accurately represented online and includes all of its unique characteristics.

    Community Events Calendar

    A full list of all the events happening in your community.

    Maps, Guides, and Directories

    Explore with maps, tours, and guides to destinations.

    Stories, News, and Business Spotlights

    Highlight progress and spotlight change-makers.

    Jobs Postings and Listings

    Connect people with local opportunities.

    Mix of Automated and User-Generated

    Residents can sign up to receive automated notifications when content they care about is uploaded to the site.

    Power All Your Websites, Apps, and Projects

    Help your residents quickly find who they are looking to speak to in a searchable, categorized directory.

    Social Media, eBlasts, and Promos

    Make your paper forms fillable online complete with signature and payment functionality.

    Fully Managed and Regularly Updated

    All page content and assets uploaded to your site are easy to find in our on-site search tools.

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    Let's unlock the potential of your community.

    When people love where they live, they create a community of social and economic vitality. Schedule a demo to get started!

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    The Role We Play

    We are creative and technology partners for municipal leaders.

    CivicLift mockups on different device sizes.