Well-equipped staff leads to well-informed citizens.

Helping local governments and their staff meet the growing expectations and requirements of a modern municipal website.

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Well-equipped staff leads to well-informed citizens.

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Modernizing your municipal website in all of the right ways.

MUNI by CivicLift removes redundant steps, time-consuming tasks, and inefficient procedures to make room for more meaningful staff time.

  • Easy for your staff to adopt quickly
  • Simple for residents to find what they are looking for
  • Quick transition from your old site
  • ADA, Section 508, and WCAG compliant
  • Responsive website designs that work on devices of all sizes
  • Tailored solutions and limitlessly customizable
  • Extensive feature and tool set

Lighten the load for overburdened municipal staff.

Save time, money, and frustration

Our content management system (CMS) is powerful, intuitive, and quick to learn. Lower your costs and free up staff time to focus on more meaningful work.

More transparency

Our intuitive municipal websites and page features help citizens get their questions answered quickly lessening the need to reach out to Town Hall.

Automations eliminate redundant work

Staff makes changes from a single dashboard which updates the website, sends out notifications, and eventually gets archived - all automatically.

Accessibility Compliance

Every citizen deserves access to your digital content, so we've partnered with AudioEye to ensure your municipal website remains ADA and WCAG compliant.
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No worries for IT

With our cloud-based solution, your IT team won't have to install or monitor any new software. We take care of the hosting, performance monitoring, and upkeep.

Ongoing Support

Your staff will have access to our support team in case help is needed using the platform or if they are looking for suggestions on best practices for running a government website.

Everything a municipality needs to delight their constituents

...all while increasing efficiency and transparency in a user friendly website design.


Our content management system (CMS) is powerful, intuitive, and quick to learn.

Document Manager & Archive

Uploaded documents, materials, and assets are automatically stored and made searchable for 24/7 access.

Town Calendar

Keep your residents informed of  upcoming meetings and give easy access to their related materials.


Our built-in newsletter feature allows you to send email blasts to subscribers in an instant.

Notification Subscriptions

Residents can sign up to receive automated notifications when content is uploaded to your municipal site.

Staff Directory

Help your residents quickly find who they are looking to speak to in a searchable, categorized directory.

Fillable Forms

Make your paper forms fillable online complete with signature and payment functionality.

Site Search

All page content and assets uploaded to your site are easy to find in our on-site search tools.

The Role We Play

We are creative and technology partners for municipal leaders.

In a time where responsibilities are on the rise and resources are on the decline, we are here to help you meet your goals efficiently. Let our team show you the potential of your municipal website design.

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The Role We Play

We are creative and technology partners for municipal leaders.

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